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A smith, or metalsmith, is a person involved in the shaping of metal objects. The word smith is cognate with the somewhat archaic English (Germanic) word, "smite", meaning "to hit" or "to strike". Originally, smiths practiced their crafts by forming metal with hammer blows. In this sense, the English word predates the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain.
In pre-industrialized times, smiths held high or special social standing since they supplied the metal tools needed for farming (especially the plough) and warfare.

Etymology of smith
As an English suffix, -smith connotes a meaning of specialized craftsmen — for example, wordsmith and tunesmith are adjectives used to describe the skill of a writer or songwriter, respectively.
Types of smiths include:
coppersmith, or brownsmith, works with copper
blacksmith works with iron and steel
whitesmith works with white metal (tin) and can refer to someone who polishes or finishes the metal rather than forging it
goldsmith works with gold
gunsmith works with guns
locksmith works with locks
pewtersmith works with pewter
silversmith, or brightsmith, works with silver
tinsmith, or tinner, works with light metal (such as tinware) and can refer to someone who deals in tinware
bladesmith - forges knives, swords and other blades
swordsmith - a bladesmith who forges only swords
arrowsmith - forges arrow heads
"handsmith" - may be used to designate a person practicing crafts not typically associated with metalwork.

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