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Depending on the intended use of the piece a blacksmith may finish it in a number of ways:
• A simple jig that the smith might only use a few times in the shop it may get the minimum of finishing: a rap on the anvil to break off scale and a brushing with a wire brush.
• Files can be employed to bring a piece to final shape, remove burrs and sharp edges, and smooth the surface.
• The wire brush either as a hand tool or power tool can further smooth and brighten a surface.
• Grinding stones, abrasive paper, and emery wheels can further shape, smooth and polish the surface.
• There are a range of treatments and finishes to inhibit oxidation of the metal and enhance or change the appearance of the piece. An experienced smith selects the finish based on the metal and intended use of the item.
• Finishes include but are not limited to: paint, varnish, blueing, browning, oil, and wax.

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