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Door Hardware

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Door furniture (British and Australian English) or Door hardware (North American English) refers to any of the items that are attached to a door or a drawer to enhance its functionality or appearance.

Design of door furniture is an issue to disabled persons who might have difficulty opening or using some kinds of door, and to specialists in Interior design as well as those usability professionals which often take their didactic examples from door furniture design and use.

Items of door furniture or door hardware include:

fingerplate - A fingerplate (or a finger-plate) is an item of door furniture that protects a door from wear and tear (and accumulation of dirt) caused by people opening it with their hand. It is usually at chest height opposite the hinge, a natural place to push a door in order to open it.
(or doorhandle) - A doorknob is a popular type of handle used for opening and closing a door. In its simplest form, a doorknob provides only a place to grab so that the door may be pulled toward oneself. On most modern doors, however, doorknobs can be turned to operate a latching mechanism, which normally holds the door closed. A doorknob may also have a lock built in, though in some cases it is beneficial for the lock to be separate.
door knocker
thumb latch
pull handle
letter plate
(or letter box)
peephole or wide-angle door viewer
door stop
- It is an architectural item that surrounds a keyhole or lock cylinder. Escutcheons are mainly decorative; they draw the eye to the keyhole, but some help to protect a lock cylinder from drilling, snapping etc. bell push

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