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Finish Descriptions



The only option for wrought iron that will be installed outdoors. Though black remains the most popular hue, the color options are many. Paint also comes in many levels of gloss, from flat to satin to semi-gloss to glossy. We at Jozef Custom Ironworks use a heavy-duty epoxy anti-rust primer (undercoat) for exterior applications.


This look attempts to preserve the “natural,” silvery-gray look of iron. As the name implies, after assembly the iron is brushed, removing the dark “skin” and exposing the shiny metal underneath. Depending on the amount of brushing, the resulting finish can range from silver to dark grey with some highlights. We usually apply of protective coat of wax or flat lacquer as a final step.

 Black patina       

This finish looks like black paint to the casual observer, but in fact no paint is involved. The surface of the metal is treated with a chemical that reacts with the surface of the metal turning it black. This method is usually preferable to paint in interior applications because there is no layer of paint to obscure the beauty of wrought iron. This finish is also typically less uniform and more natural than paint.

 Rusty patina     

Like black patina, the rusty look involves chemically treating the metal’s surface, this time to produce a ruddy, rusty color.   This finish is available in lighter and darker shades.

 Specialty paints

These are multi-stage painting processes where the iron is painted by hand using two different colors. Many permutations are available, including copper black, to antique brass, verdigris, and antique yellow.

 Classical Brown Patina

The result of a chemical treatment, this is the dark-brown look most often seen on bronze statues. In exterior applications, bronze and brass treated in this fashion is extremely resistant to corrosion, and it usually gains a weathered, greenish look over time.

 Color Patinas

In addition to brown patina, many options exist for coloring bronze and brass. The colors range from red to green to blue.

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