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Which Finish?


There are many types of finishes available for our wrought iron and bronze/brass railings, gates, lighting fixtures, and other products.

The choice of finish is based on two types of criteria: practical and aesthetic. The former relates to the fact that certain metals, especially iron, are susceptible to atmospheric corrosion. The latter is a function of your aesthetic preferences, the style of the surroundings, etc.


The material used most often today to produce "wrought iron" products is hot- and cold-rolled mild steel. Both are silvery-grey when brushed down to their natural color. Both are susceptible to corrosion, and will rust if left unprotected outdoors.

In order to protect exterior installations of wrought iron, we usually apply two coats of paint: a coat of anti-rust primer, and a coat of finish paint. The most popular color is flat black, but any color and gloss level may be chosen.

Interior applications of wrought iron need less protection, and lend themselves to many more choices of finishes than exterior applications.

We at Jozef Custom Ironworks offer the option to substitute bronze for iron. Bronze and brass are attractive for several reasons:

  • Can be forged, like iron
  • Resists corrosion, and so can be used inside and outside
  • Offers many rich finishes / patinas

Finish Options
Inside or Outside Inside Only
Bronze / Brass
Classical Brown Patina
Color Patinas
Black Patina
Rusty Patina
Specialty Paints

Because of these characteristics, we have increasingly used bronze and brass for railings, fences, lighting fixtures, and gates.

Bronze is a more expensive material than iron. The cost of the finished product will usually be 20 to 100 percent more than the equivalent in iron. One should look at this premium as an investment in the beauty and durability of this fine metal.

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