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Bronze Replaces Iron as Material of Choice



We at Jozef Custom Ironworks constantly strive to upgrade our offerings. One such recent advance involves using bronze instead of mild steel to produce our gates, railings, fences, lamps, etc.

The main advantage of bronze over iron is its resistance to corrosion. While bronze will react with the atmosphere, over time its surface developing a brownish / greenish tint (a “patina”), it is resistant to the pitting and disintegration that iron suffers when exposed to the elements. This is especially important for houses on or near the ocean. Bronze also offers a color tone that is rich in appearance, and may be more appropriate for certain surroundings.

Forging bronze is more difficult than forging iron, but most designs can be carried out in either metal. We offer a gamut of finish colors (patinas) for our bronze products. Possible choices range from red to blue, with dark brown being the most popular.

How much more expensive is bronze? In general, one should expect to pay a 20% to 80% premium over iron. Prices will be at the lower end of this range if we don’t color the bronze, leaving it a natural yellow/gold, and allowing it to darken over time (6 to 12 months). This up-front cost premium over iron should be viewed as an investment in the beauty of the metal, and the freedom it offers from future maintenance costs.

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